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Project 6: One channel EEG sleep staging with open source and open hardware NeuroOn sleep mask

Authors: Paweł Kazimieczak / Franciszek Rakowski



This project means data science and your brain in daily practice!

Participants will have an opportunity to carry out EEG signal registration with the NeuroOn-Open mask. The NeuroOn-Open mask is a simple and portable device equipped with 2 EEG electrodes, pulse-oximeter and blood oxygen saturation measurement device.

Our project will consist of three steps:

The coding will involve:

  1. performing signal quality check

  2. designing and implementing features of the short epochs of the signal

  3. choosing the appropriate machine learning algorithm, and carrying out classification of the sleep epochs as belonging to the light, deep and REM sleep stages.

The reference staging will be given by additional sleep stager (Philips Alice) or medical doctor examination.

A list of 1-5 key papers summarising the subject:

[1] Neuroon Open hardware documentation:


[2] Benjamin D. Yetton, Mohammad Niknazar, Katherine A. Duggan, Elizabeth A. McDevitt, Lauren N. Whitehurst, Negin Sattari, Sara C. Mednick Automatic detection of rapid eye movements (REMs): A machine learning approach. Journal of Neuroscience Methods, 259 (2016)

[3] A Comparative Study on Classification of Sleep Stage Based on EEG Signals Using Feature Selection and Classification AlgorithmsBaha Şen & Musa Peker & Abdullah Çavuşoğlu & Fatih V. Çelebi J Med Syst (2014)

[4] Neuron-Open on Kickstarter: smartest-sleep-dreams-and-meditation

A list of requirements for taking part in the project (education level / English level / programming language required):

A maximum number of participants:


What can the participant gain from the project?

Is there a plan for extending this work to a peer-reviewed paper in case the results are promising?


However, the results, or methods proposed at the Brainhack project might be implemented in commercially offered device, Neuroon-Med.