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Getting to Warsaw and Faculty of Physics

How to get to Warsaw?

You can get to Warsaw by:

Useful links:
Koleje Mazowieckie
SKM – Fast City Train
Polski bus

How to get to ​Faculty of Physics?
Faculty of Physics (University of Warsaw) is located at Ochota Science Campus.

Please look at section I - NEIGHBOURHOOD. On the map you can find icons of the closest bus/tram stations. In the section II - START points you can find guidelines how to get to the Faculty of Physics from the most common localisations (“START points”).



II. START points

  1. Warsaw Central Railway Station

The easiest ways to get to The Faculty of Physics are:

  1. Politechnika Metro Station

The easiest way to get to The Faculty of Biology is to take metro M1 to “POLITECHNIKA” station. Then it is recommended to take a bus (lines: 182,187, 523) from „METRO POLITECHNIKA 02” to „POMNIK LOTNIKA 01” bus stop.

  1. Krakowskie Przemieście Street

The easiest way to get to The Faculty of Biology is to take bus 128 or 175 from “UNIWERSYTET 01” to „POMNIK LOTNIKA 04” bus stop.

We highly recommend using „Jak dojade” application:

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Bus and tram communication in Warsaw