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Aspects of Neuroscience 2019

9th Annual Conference Aspects of Neuroscience is a meeting for all neuroscientists as well as everyone interested in neurosciences and brain research. The event is organized annually since 2011 by the Neurobiology Scientific Student Association at the University of Warsaw. Being a part of the Aspects of Neuroscience Project, the Conference aims at promoting neuroscience as a rapidly developing field of the scientific research.


The Conference focuses on several aspects of neuroscience: Neurobiological, Cognitive, Computational and Clinical. Such a broad scope highlights how multidisciplinary neuroscience is and underlines not only how much we already know about the brain, but also how much is yet to explore in this field. Gathering students and professionals from various scientific backgrounds creates unique atmosphere, which encourages prolific discussions. Moreover, it gives an opportunity to exchange new ideas and introduce new quality into brain research.


Due to increasing interest from foreign visitors, the Conference has been held in English since 2013. This year’s edition is targeted at all neuroenthusiasts: graduates and PhD students, undergraduates and professionals from all over the world. We do our best to create the most favorable environment for brainstorming the brain.

Come and join the neuroscientific buzz!