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AoN18 Photos 👑


Enjoyed Aspects of Neuroscience 2018?

We did! Here you can find a few highlights of the organization meetings and the event itself!

Protographed by Rafał Kaczmarek

IMG_5421  IMG_5406  IMG_5430  IMG_5451  

IMG_5632  IMG_5608  IMG_5617  IMG_5561  

IMG_5557  IMG_5567  IMG_5553  IMG_5543  

IMG_5578  IMG_5538  IMG_5522  IMG_5573  

IMG_5520  IMG_5515  IMG_5510  IMG_5495  

IMG_5524  IMG_5493  IMG_5489  IMG_5498  

IMG_5517  IMG_5491  IMG_5474  IMG_5479  

IMG_5468  IMG_5453  IMG_5419  IMG_5457  

IMG_5425  IMG_5443  IMG_5414  IMG_5423 

IMG_5463  IMG_5449

AoN18 Welcome Kit Packing Party

IMG_1006  IMG_1015  IMG_1009  IMG_1036

IMG_1038  IMG_1020  IMG_1032  IMG_1013  IMG_1035

Thanks y'all for coming! Congratulations!